Donator Ranks

Donate via paypal to receive a special rank on all Melicraft Servers!
Each rank is listed from lowest tier to highest tier.
Each rank comes with special /kit commands you can use daily that give you special items!
Higher tier ranks also come with other commands, such as /fix & /fly!

Note: If you plan on upgrading your rank in the future, all that’s required is paying the $$$ difference between ranks. For example, if you wanted to upgrade from the Haybale rank up to the Glowstone Rank, you’d only have to pay $3.

Another Note: To purchase one of the ranks below, click the block.
Make super sure to add your Minecraft user name as a note in your paypal donation when purchasing!
If you do no add your username with the donation/purchase, you will not receive the rank!

To upgrade your rank, use the donate button on the home page and put what you want in the notes and donate the difference between what you have and what you want as the amount.

Any chargebacks will have the user banned!

Haybale Rank – $2

“The cheapest option to go with. Comes with /kit haybale every 24 hours, the ability to use /tpa & 2 sethomes. Click the image on the left to purchase!”

Glowstone Rank – $5

“Being the upgrade from Haybale, this rank comes with /kit glowstone every 24 hours, /tpa & 3 set homes. Click the image on the left to purchase!”

Quartz Rank – $10

“Being the upgrade from Glowstone, this rank comes with /kit quartz ever 24 hours, /tpa, /craft & 4 set homes!”


PurPur Rank – $20

“Being the upgrade from Quartz, this rank comes with /kit purpur every 12 hours, /tpa, /craft, /fix & 5 set homes. Click the image on the left to purchase!”

Magma Rank – $35

“Being the upgrade from Purpur, this rank comes with /kit magma every 12 hours, /tpa, /craft, /fix, /hat, /nick & 6 set homes. Click the image on the left to purchase!”

Bedrock Rank – $50

“Being the upgrade from Magma, this rank comes with /kit bedrock every 12 hours, /tpa, /craft, /fix, /hat, /nick, /feed, /heal, /fly & unlimited set homes on all Melicraft Servers!”


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